This week we are saying the final good bye to our last  local 4th Estate pilar… The Bergen Record. Once owned and operated by three generations of a local publishing family, The Record was recently purchased by Gannett, a publicly traded American media holding company and the largest newspaper company in the U.S.  (see links below) Over the […]

I am writing to you to remind you to go to the polls again today! Today is your last chance to cast a YES VOTE to keep the bonding in place for a parking deck. YOU have an historic opportunity to have your own quiet say in the future of your town! I grant you, today’s […]

I am extremely proud of my 4 year record of being a calm, centered and pragmatic voice for Ridgewood. I’ve worked hard to improve everyday lives here by: Finding the best village manager we have ever had Providing residents with the most responsive government we’ve ever had Holding municipal tax increases to 0%, 0% and […]

HELD TAXES DOWN FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR 2013 0% 2014 0% 2015 1.2% 2016 currently anticipated to be same or lower despite investments in efficiency DEPARTMENT REORGANIZATIONS New CFO & Parking Utility Director hired. New Building Department Manager hired. New Water Dept & Public Works Manager hired. New Human Resources Director hired. New Audit and […]

Originally Ridgewood was part of area in Eastern NJ. known as “Paramus.” At the end of the American Revolutionary War roads were far and few between in the area. In the 1800’s the area around the Old Paramus Church, which included what is now Ridgewood, plus parts of HoHoKus, Midland Park, Glen Rock and Saddle […]

The members of the Ridgewood Community Center Advisory Board are conducting a semi-formal needs assessment survey of the residents of Ridgewood who are 55 years and older to help inform the village council on necessary policies and services for our adult population. PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY:   click here Reasons for Survey As you are aware, our committee […]

I read this today in a manual called communities and local government working together. Here are some good excerpts for consideration: Council Process Sometimes the council meeting is just a blur. Item after item goes by — moved, seconded, all in favour, hands up, carried — whew! But suddenly an item is debated, discussed, dissected — […]

Ridgewood is entering an era of local historic significance! Many complex issues which began between 5 and 10 years ago will be culminating simultaneously, under this administration. Our next village council is going to be tasked with making deeply nuanced decisions that best benefit our community. All members of Ridgewood’s Village Council must prove that […]