I am writing to you to remind you to go to the polls again today! Today is your last chance to cast a YES VOTE to keep the bonding in place for a parking deck.

YOU have an historic opportunity to have your own quiet say in the future of your town!

I grant you, today’s vote isn’t the final vote for our parking garage, it is just a special election to save (or defeat) an Ordinance passed last March approving up to $11.5M in debt to build a garage on Hudson Street.

This Ordinance was challenged by a group of petitioners who believed that defeating the funding Ordinance would give location and design control to the next council.

They were right.

The old council has passed design control over to the new council because there are only 8 days left until the new council is sworn in and because the old council knows we need to work together to achieve all of our collective dreams!

So, why would anyone vote NO to defeat the funding Ordinance?

Two thirds of Ridgewood residents voted YES to this language last November:

Do you support a proposal to finance a parking deck on the Hudson Street lot by bonding up to $15 million in public funds. It is anticipated that the parking garage would provide a net increase of 300 spaces at this location and will have no negative impact on local taxes.”

The only difference today is the current estimated cost is $3.5M less than before and the proposed (but, not final) design recommends 25 more car-spaces.

If you voted YES last November for a parking deck on Hudson Street, you should logically VOTE YES again to keep the 5-0 vote funding Ordinance from March. Then, make sure that your next village council diligently applies themselves to finding the perfect design. Do not throw away a year’s worth of engineering, geotechnical research, design and traffic studies for that site. A NO vote means starting from scratch all over, again! Look at the lessons of 2008 and the lessons of 2016 to see what a Herculean Feat it is for Ridgewood councils and for all of Ridgewood’s residents to agree on where and how to build any parking deck.

Every time we start all over again our odds keep going down and our costs keep going up.

Be a part of the solution!

Make a difference in the lives of our families, our relatives, and our visitors. VOTE YES for parking!

Review legally approved comprehensive background information here, and then, head to the polls to vote.


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